Our Process

At Holtro Modular we believe every step in our process is a crucial part of delivering a superior prefab product. The utmost care is taken in each step to ensure client satisfaction, professionalism and expert quality workmanship.

Design & Brief

Specification & Estimate




Site Works


Holtro Modular Building 4
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"Flexibility to suit your needs"

At Holtro we believe that your modular building experience should be as smooth and enjoyable as possible, to achieve this we ensure each and every client understands the building and design process.
We have many designs to guide you through creating the perfect modular home, cabin or workspace. Alternatively, you may have your own design in mind and we can work alongside you to create your dream space.

Holtro Modular will outline the deliverables and scope of the project including products, building works, timing and budgets.This transparency and early planning results in a positive building experience with registered builders and an incredible modular building designed and built to suits your needs and function

At Holtro Modular we provide comprehensive and detailed specification documents alongside a fully estimated quote.
This will outline exactly what products are going to be used during the building process and what products will be used in the finished and functioning modular building.

So when you work with Holtro Modular you have an detailed view of how your building will be built, the products that will be used and the cost of the project, giving you peace of mind that only the best materials and top quality products are used from start to finish.

Once you are satisfied with the design and costing for your new modular building, you will enter into a standard Housing Industry Association (HIA) Prefabricated Building Contract with nominated progress payments payable at each stage until the building is on-site and completed. We will meet to select product and colour requirements and complete an addendum for production. Plans, engineering, energy efficiency and Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) will be completed and sent to council for approval.

Once your Modular building enters the production stage, you will be notified of progress every step of the way. Most of our builds are between 10 – 14 weeks. Our stringent quality control methods will be implemented throughout the duration of the build.

When its time for your new Modular home to be delivered we only use the best transport companies with many years of experience moving houses via road. All care and attention is always taken when manoeuvring the building to its new location.

After your new Modular home has been placed in its position, it’s now time for site connection including- perimeter skirts, carports, patios, stairs, landings, ect (if required and according to the building contract) Internal and external commission ready for handover.

It’s now time to walk through your new home. We make sure all appliances are working, doors and windows open and shut correctly ect, plumbing and electrics are working as they should be. When you are entirely happy, we issue a Notice of completion (BA7) to council,

Receive final payment, hand over keys, then crack the Champagne!